The BAJA SAE Series is an event for the undergraduate engineering students, organized globally by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The BAJA SAE INDIA started in 2002. Since then, more than 350 teams from across the country participates in the event which observes a footfall of over 10,000 people. The event is organised by SAE INDIA in partnership with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Bharat Petroleum, Hero etc. The competitive levels reached higher since teams from Top-level engineering colleges like IITs and NITs also participate in the competition. BAJA SAE tasks the students to design, fabricate and validate a single seater four - wheeled off road vehicle to take part in series of events that test the vehicle for agility in terms of speed, acceleration, manoeuvrability and finally its durability. The students put their hearts and minds into making the vehicle and present themselves with a ferociously competitive environment. BAJA SAE competition comprises of Static events: Design Evaluation, Cost Report, Sales Presentation and Dynamic events: Acceleration, Hill climb, Rock crawl, Manoeuvrability, Suspension & Traction and Endurance.

1 + teams participating
1 + Footfall
1 Days Event Duration

1 + teams participating
1 + Footfall
1 Days Event Duration


BAJA SAE INTERNATIONAL was started in 1976 and is held every year in USA, Brazil, Korea, South Africa and México. It has gained immense popularity amongst motorsport enthusiasts around the globe, and every year 100+ teams are allowed to participate in these events from universities and colleges around the World. International events are endorsed by SAE International. The competitions take students beyond textbook theory by enabling them to work together as a team and design, build, discover and resolve technical challenges. Each team's goal is to design and build a prototype of an all-weather, rugged, single-seat, off-road recreational vehicle intended for sale to the nonprofessional weekend off-road enthusiast. We design our cars with leading-edge software such as IPG Carmaker. Solidworks and Ansys. The design is thoroughly and rigorously analysed using software such as Hyperworks. Although the pandemic offered numerous barriers but did not dampen our mind and we came out victorious in our efforts to learn online and conduct procedures, diligent training sessions that enabled us to advance over other international and national teams.


Mega ATV Championship is a national level inter-college ATV racing championship for engineering students in India which is organized by “Autosport’s India, which specializes in Motorsport events, race track design and other race-related consultancy services. Mega ATV Championship is well known for one of the most challenging and treacherous events that check the breaking point of the teams. It’s out of the edge and typically designed events create thrill for the performers that can only be recognized by the drivers. The purpose of the championship will be to focus more on innovation and research of new automotive technologies and produce enthusiastic and skilled rally drivers through its extraordinary rally format and rally tracks. The event provides a platform for the teams to develop their ideologies and to become a successful and professional rally driver and circuit racer. The Championship includes events like Drag Race, Flat Dirt Racing, Armageddon Race and Night Endurance Race. The event will provide a platform for the teams to develop their ideologies and to become a successful and professional rally driver and circuit racer.

1 + teams participating
1 + Footfall
1 Days Event Duration

1 + teams participating
1 + Footfall
1 Days Event Duration


ENDURO STUDENT INDIA is an off-road student design competition held in India and bred from the need to train engineering students on practical aspect of building something with their own hands and also train them on the science of team management. Students from top engineering colleges all over India participate in the championship and compete with other teams to achieve victory. Enduro Student India competition includes three main events which are: Combustion Event, Electric Event and Shootout Special Event. The Organizing committee is a mix of ex-participants and employees from top OEMs from varied engineering background out to teach the future of India about the need to build something with their own hands. The Main motto of Enduro Student India is: Inspire to Aspire. Enduro Student India imbibes the mantra of: Design, Build, Test, Break, Repeat, Enduro Student India will not stop until all the participants go through incremental gain, live to save weight through better design and crave for more traction. Firebolt Racing successfully scored 6th Rank all over India in Enduro Student India 2017.


The teams will compete in a range of static and dynamic events.


    Engineering design event evaluates the engineering effort that went into the design of the vehicle and how the engineering meets the intent of the market. Teams are judged judged on the creation of design specifications and the ability to meet those specifications, computer aided drafting, analysis, testing and development, manufacturability, serviceability. It carries 150 points.

  • Cost Event

    It includes- Cost report (15 pts) and Prototype cost (85 pts). The cost report provides all the background information to verify the vehicle’s actual cost. Prototype cost is scored on the cost to produce the finished vehicle. Judges will evaluate the team’s total cost and might optimize it using appropriate pricing.

  • Sales presentation

    The objective of the Presentation is for the team to convince the "executives" of a hypothetical manufacturing company to purchase the team's Baja SAEINDIA vehicle design and put it into production at the rate of 4000 units per year. Teams are to assume that the judges are following 2 set of people:
    1) Perspective Buyers
    2) Investors.

  • Acceleration

    The Acceleration Event is designed to measure each vehicle’s ability to come up to speed quickly from a standing start. Acceleration is measured as the time to complete a 100 ft. or 150 ft. flat, straight course from a standing start. The course surface may vary from pavement to loosen dirt.

  • Land Maneuverability

    Maneuverability is designed to assess each vehicle’s agility and handling ability over off-road terrain. Teams will attempt to maneuver through the course with a minimum time. The course may consist of a variety of challenges including tight turns, pylon maneuvers, ruts, bumps, drop-offs, sand, rocks, gullies, logs, and inclines.

  • Traction

    Traction event tests the vehicle’s relative ability to climb an incline from a standing start or pull a designated object like progressive weight skid or chain along a flat surface. The traction event may take place on a straight or curved course.

  • Suspension

    Specialty events are designed to test the vehicle under unique off-road conditions that might be unique or specific to a particular Baja SAE India competition site. Specialty events may require the vehicle to complete a course in a minimum time or proceed a maximum distance.

  • Endurance

    The endurance event assesses each vehicle’s ability to operate continuously and at speed over rough terrain with obstacles in potentially adverse weather conditions. The endurance event may be run for time or for distance. The default is four hours and the vehicle with the most laps around the course is declared the winner.

  • Flat Dirt Race

    Vehicle need to complete one full loop of the total track length of 9.5 kms alone. Score will be given on the basis of total time taken by vehicle to cover the specified length. Vehicle who will complete the length in minimum time will be declared as winner.

  • Drag Race

    Two vehicles will run simultaneously for a length of 100 meters. Drivers need to accelerate their vehicle as much as possible. Acceleration of the vehicle will be recorded and score will be awarded on the basis of time taken to complete the distance by each vehicle. Vehicle which completes the track in minimum time will be declared as winner.

  • Armageddon Race

    Vehicle needs to complete track length of around 350 meters alone. Score will be given on the basis of the total time taken by the vehicle to cover the total specified length. Vehicle who will complete the length in minimum time will be declared as the winner.

  • Night Endurance Race

    Vehicles will be running at a time for four hours non-stop in the main track which is 8.0 kms long closed loop, where the durability of the vehicle and the capability of the drivers will be tested. Vehicle who will cover maximum distance in the given time will be declared as the winner.