Pitstop event is the part of BIT Mesra’s renowned Technical Fest- Pantheon. This is a 1-day event which Is inclined towards the technical side of automobiles, similar to what we see in Formula one racing where the competing cars receive gasoline, tyre replacements and other servicing. The teams are provided with all the necessary equipment and safety requirements. The objective of team is to change all the tyres of a vehicle in the least possible time in the correct manner. The Team which completes the task in correct way and in minimum time wins the competition. Pitstop event observes a footfall of 300+ participants.


Firebolt Racing conducts a CAD Workshop. It is a 2-day workshop for the students from various engineering branches to familiarize them with CAD software which is used in the designing of various parts of the automobiles and to give students, an idea about how the components and parts of automobiles are designed by professionals and tested multiple times to get the best possible result. We also display our previous season ATV in the software making the workshop even more interesting. Participants are also introduced to events in which we participate like BAJA SAE events and our manufactured ATV using CAD. More than 300 students attend the workshop and gain the knowledge of ATVs and Designing software.


Firebolt Racing conducts a Workshop on Basics of Automobile Engineering. It is a 2-day workshop which is attended by students from all engineering branches. Basics of Automobile Workshop help students to understand about the fundamentals of Automobiles, how the components work together in coordination, how the components are designed, their testing and manufacturing. Technical team members present the components designed by them in previous seasons and explain the crowd about the facts which determine the design and composition. The workshop attracts huge number of participants up to 300.


Save the Egg is an event which is the part of BIT Mesra’s one of the eminent tech Fest- Pantheon. In this 1-day event, a great number of students participate to win. Participating Teams are provided with cellophane sheet, thread, paper cup and of course an egg. Teams have to design and make a parachute out of materials provided to them and place the egg in the cup. Then the parachute is dropped from a pre-specified height and the team whose egg remains intact or whose parachute takes maximum time to reach the surface wins the competition. Being the part of Pantheon, this event observes footfall of 500+ people.


Autoquiz is a part of Annual Cultural Fest of BIT Mesra- Bitotsav. Firebolt Racing organises Autoquiz for automobile enthusiasts who think they have quite a good knowledge of automobiles to compete with others. Autoquiz as the name suggests, is a quiz primarily based on the basic knowledge of automobiles and their components. The team which scores the greatest number of points is declared the winner of the competition. Since the event is the part of Bitotsav, it observes a huge footfall of 400+ participants.